The Kuji~Kiri is very closely linked with the Kuji~In and in fact most people confuse the two. Both are said to have been introduced into Japan with Buddhism.
In the Kuji~In the fingers are used to invoke the nine levels of power used by the Ninja and Samurai. In the Kuji~Kiri a grid of nine lines are drawn to invoke these powers and all nine are used at the same time

Kuji Kiri anim Kuji kiri Line meanings The Kuji~Kiri could almost be described as pratical magic and it is a way of casting spells.
One use of the Kuji~Kiri dates back to ancient times when Sailors would draw the Kanji for water on a piece of paper and then overlay this with the nine line grid. This was said to protect them, as even if the boat sank, the sailor himself would survive.
The animated picture on the left shows how the grid is drawn on the Kanji. First start with a horizontal line, then draw a vertical line then another horizontal etc etc. It is important to do this in the correct order for the spell to work. The picture on the right shows the name of each line as represented in the Kuji~In Another way to invoke this kind of spell was to draw the Kanji and the grid on the palm of the left hand using the index finger of the right hand.

Kuji Kiri drawn on body part
When used to cure illness, as it still is in some practices in Japan, the outline of the body is drawn on a piece of paper. the Kanji for the affected body part is then drawn in the appropriate place (see diagram).
Next "The Method Of The Tenth Character" (Kuji hou) is used. This is where the spell is stroked over the patient.
The spell is then given to the patient who places it on a river bank and has to walk away without looking back.

How to choose the best location for a building


Poem for positioning Dojo Whether choosing a location for a Dojo, Castle, or House the following rules should be observed.

Turtle Snake to the North
Blue dragon to the East
Red Sparrow to the South
White Tiger to the West

The Emporers castle in Tokyo and almost all of the important buildings in Japan were built according to this poem.

The poem translates as meaning,
You should have mountains to the North
Running water to the East
A broard open expanse to the South
And a large road to the West

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